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Air Freshener Service

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Experience the revolution in air freshening technology with Metropolitan Linen's state-of-the-art Twist Air Freshener service, designed to simplify and enhance the way you maintain freshness in your spaces with an inviting fragrance that effectively eliminates offensive odors that can derail your smooth flow of operations.

Twist & Click

Ease of Use

The Twist Air Freshener system features a unique twist-and-click activation mechanism, making installation a breeze. The audible click you hear upon installation is a reassuring sound, indicating that the scent cartridge is correctly in place, reducing the risk of mishaps and ensuring optimal performance.

We understand the need for flexibility in today's fast-paced world. That's why our scent cartridges sport a universal fit that's compatible with most modern dispensers. This feature enables you to maintain the freshness of your spaces without the need for specific or proprietary dispensers. Our cartridges seal against leakage to ensure a safe and reliable user experience.

Gravity-Fed System

Extended Service

A defining feature of the Metropolitan Linen Twist Air Freshener service is the innovative gravity-fed system. This system does not require an energy source to function, making it a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice. The efficient, energy-free operation ensures a consistent fragrance distribution, maintaining a pleasant atmosphere in your spaces over time.

Our single cartridge offers a lasting solution, providing up to 60 days of effective service with a fresh, pleasant, and inviting ambiance. The cartridges feature an advanced odor-counteractant system that actively eliminates offensive smells rather than just masking them. This technology ensures a refreshed environment consistently through the ebbs and flows of the workday.

Broad Reach

The Twist Air Freshener system delivers impressive coverage, capable of freshening an area of up to 6000 cubic feet. This capacity makes it an ideal solution for larger areas such as 2-3 stall restrooms, ensuring a clean and fresh scent throughout.

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