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Restroom Services

The restroom services provided by Metropolitan Uniform & Linen will make your business safer and more pleasant to visit. We've provided professional restroom services to hospitality businesses throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, and New England since 1982. Here's what we offer:

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Unpleasant odors are a problem for any business they're found in. This is especially true of restaurants where cleanliness is the expectation. Even in places where they're expected, odors can turn a customer off before the food even arrives.

Hospitality businesses, especially restaurants, must have access to high-quality hand soaps via convenient and working dispensers. Providing the means for employees and customers to clean their hands is essential in maintaining the health of the business and preserving its reputation as a clean, safe place to spend time.

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Why Air Freshener Service Through Metropolitan?

Air fresheners, when professionally managed, will keep any area of the business smelling great at all times no matter what happens in them.  Metropolitan Uniform & Linen provides Twist air fresheners designed for convenient use and comes in a variety of fragrances to match any aesthetic or preference.

What Twist Air Freshener Provides

Benefits Twist Air Freshener Supply:

  • Simple, "twist and click" activation

  • Scent cartridges with a universal fit for many contemporary air freshener dispensers

  • Sealed against leakage with an audible CLICK that signals proper installation

  • Gravity-fed system that does not need an energy source

  • A single cartridge lasts 60 days

  • Odor counteractant system eliminates smells instead of masking them

  • Covers 6000 cubic feet (or average 2-3 stall restroom)

Why Hand Soap Service Through Metropolitan? 

Professional Dispensers

We also provide simple to use and manage soap dispensers. Each dispenser is fitted with a window viewing so employees know when it needs refilling. Additionally, every pump is infused with air, resulting in a rich, creamy lather.

Gojo Hand Soap

As such, Metropolitan Uniform & Linen offers Gojo hand soap and associated dispensers. A long-trusted brand in the industry, Gojo hand soap is enriched with vitamins and moisturizers that provide a deep, fresh-smelling clean.

Contact Metropolitan Uniform & Linen for Reliable Restroom Services

For restroom services that will make your business more pleasant and inviting, contact us. We've been in the business of protecting businesses since 1982 and can do the same for you. Request a free quote today here, or contact us at (617) 381-1156 and a representative will be in touch shortly.

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