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Dust Control

Professional dust control through Metropolitan Linen offers every tool necessary to keep business floors clean and safe. We have provided restaurants in New England, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Maine with professional-grade dust control options for over 40 years.

Dust Control Options We Provide

Metropolitan Linen's dust control options are ideal for restaurants, where floor cleanliness is as necessary as it is challenging. We offer:

Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 4.23.57 PM.png

A custom logo mat through our dust control service will keep employees and patrons safe while cleanly representing the business.

  • Digitally printed logo mats reproduce fine detail, fades, and 3D images.

  • 25 standard colors and over 300 accent colors are available.

  • Static dissipative nylon yarn treated with StainStopper™ Technology.

  • 100% nitrile rubber backing for increased skid and slip resistance.

Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 11.57.25 AM.png

A custom-sized mat will provide businesses with the perfect mat fit for any area. Extra-large or oddly shaped, we’ll work with you to create exactly what you want!

Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 11.57.25 AM.png
comfort flow mats.jpg

For areas where a lot of standing or walking takes place, our comfort flow mats are a powerful addition. They will improve employee safety and lessen the strain on their feet, legs, and back.

To keep dirt, debris, mud, and water out of the business, scraper mats are an essential tool. Properly positioned and maintained, a scraper mat drastically improves floor cleanliness in all weather.

scraper mats (2).jpg
bar mops kitchen towels_edited_edited.jpg

Maintaining clean and safe table surfaces is essential, and no tool is more helpful than quality bar mops and kitchen towels. If sourced through Metropolitan Linen, they'll always be clean, fresh, and ready to work.

wet mops (4)_edited.jpg

Without quality wet mops and a way to keep them clean and functional, no floor cleaning process will work. Restaurants can secure a supply of effective, clean wet mops through Metropolitan.

wet mops (4)_edited.jpg

Contact Metropolitan Linen For Professional Dust Control Service

Metropolitan Linen is the local, experienced dust control service for restaurants in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Maine. Contact us here for a free quote or call us at (617) 381-1156 for more information.

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