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Bar Mops and Kitchen Towels

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Achieving a spotless and hygienic environment that reflects your ideal business image is a job that requires constant attention. Bar mops and kitchen towels are often the most effective defense against the inevitable messes that come with the high-octane nature of the food industry. Ensure you’re equipped with the answers to food service’s curveballs with Metropolitan Linen’s selection of bar mops and kitchen towels as luxurious as they are absorbent and durable.

High Hygiene Standards

Relieving Stress

There is practically no place where hygiene is more important than in the food service industry. Poor sanitary practices completely derail an otherwise outstanding service. Sights and smells are just as important as delicious cuisine. Metropolitan’s rugged and resistant bar mops and kitchen towels ensure that pleasant sights and fragrant smells are consistent and synonymous with your brand.

Hustle and bustle is par for the course for a successful establishment. Employees spend countless hours on their feet, tending to every request or demand, and are expected to do so quickly. Unruly messes and spills distract from the flow of bringing first-class service to guests. With Metropolitan’s bar mops and kitchen towels, the stress of constant cleaning is alleviated thanks to an exceptional build quality that manages spills quickly and efficiently.

Unwavering Quality

Comprehensive Service

Metropolitan Linen moves the needle in what businesses can expect as the standard in bar mops and kitchen towels. We express our commitment to going the extra mile in each thread of our products. Easing the burdens of your staff boosts morale and promotes a heightened experience for your valued patrons.

Our products are only as quality as the service that supports them. We define industry standards with streamlined deliveries, advanced inventory monitoring, repairs/replacements, industrial cleaning, and a tireless customer service team that matches the rapid pace of the food service industry.

Call Metropolitan Linen Today!

Enjoy peace of mind through high-quality bar mops and kitchen towels. Call us at 617-381-1156 to start your service, or email us to learn more about our products and services!

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