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The Horrors of On-Premise Laundry

Providing a streamlined laundry service is a goal that many in our industry struggle to achieve. Customer needs expand as quickly as their businesses grow. Industrial cleaning facilities are necessary to keep up with those demands, making on-premise laundry yesterday’s news!

Access to facilities that can accommodate businesses with exceptional laundry services that clean garments effectively with consistent results while avoiding damage is the new standard in laundry services. Metropolitan Linen meets the challenge by bringing outstanding care to your business, so you never have to worry about the things that go bump in the night.

On-Premise Laundry Frights

We sure do! And on-premise laundry is every business’s nightmare fuel. Metropolitan understands that establishing a reputation of excellence takes years of dedication backed by consistently spectacular results. On-premise laundry has been notoriously inconsistent, especially when it comes to quality.

Without large-scale facilities supporting your customers, staff and guests don’t have the tools they need to function at their best, and your business feels the effects.

Danger Creeping Around Every Corner

On-premise laundry isn’t just an inferior way to care for linens. It brings a slew of dangers into your establishment and poses risks to employees and customers. The only difference is these dangers don’t need an invite first! Slip-and-fall injuries are a constant threat to businesses that do their own laundry. With on-site laundry, there’s an increased risk of messy spills that build up due to the repeated use required to handle larger loads. Back, neck, and shoulder injuries are reduced when ridding the clutter and inevitable mess of on-site laundry.

The Ghost of Budget Past

On-premise laundry brings more than just inefficiency and physical danger to staff members in your business. They're also terrifyingly expensive! They involve consistently running machinery, skyrocketing electricity and water bills, portions of the facility that are indefinitely blocked off, and more staff to pay. At the end of the day, it’s simply far too expensive NOT to outsource your laundry needs.

Metropolitan Linen Will Keep the Darkness at Bay

We commit to relieving headaches caused by on-premise laundry through cutting-edge industrial laundering technology and techniques. We incorporate PulseFlow Technology, which is a superior method of soil removal. It involves lower water consumption, improved chemical performance to reduce damaging linens with harmful chemicals, and lower energy usage to support an eco-friendly approach.

These benefits, among others, directly translate into lower costs for you. Improved cleaning methods equal longer-lasting linens, sustainable performance, and employees that have access to pristine, long-lasting garments. The last thing your business needs are on-premise laundered linens that come out looking like Frankenstein’s monster!

Metropolitan Linen Elevates Laundry With Modern Applications

Inject a bleeding-edge approach to industrial laundry that makes on-premise service a thing of the past. Metropolitan’s commercial laundry service ensures no matter the condition of your garments, they match the standards that your business deserves.

We’re all treats, no tricks. Call us today at 617-381-1156 to start your service, or reach out here for a free quote!

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