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What High-Quality Linen Does for Restaurants

For restaurants, high-quality linen can make a big difference in customer experience. The positive effects high-quality, clean, soft linen have on the customer's experience are substantial. For example, any kind of restaurant will see an improvement in customer satisfaction with beautiful, velvety tablecloths and napkins! This article will discuss what “high-quality linen” is, why it's worth using in a restaurant, and the best methods for sourcing it.

What Makes A Linen High-Quality?

There are a few factors that make high-quality linen. The first is the fabric itself. High-quality linen will use excellent fiber sources that are durable, soft, and absorbent. How the material is woven is even more important. The best linen has a close, tight weave that can resist pilling and snagging while staying loose and foldable.

Why Do Customers Like High-Quality Table Linen?

Customers enjoy high-quality table linen because it looks and feels luxurious. When customers see beautiful, well-made, and well-maintained tablecloths and napkins, it creates a positive first impression of the restaurant. This initial impression leads to an improved customer experience throughout the meal.

Benefits of Using High-Quality Table Linen

High-quality table linen implies that other areas of the business are also high quality. If the linens are clean and well-cared-for, it is likely that the kitchen is clean and well-organized too. Here are some other benefits:

Customer Confidence

In an industry where cleanliness is essential to the health of customers, the confidence boost this provides patrons is significant.

Professional Appearance

High-quality table linen also gives the restaurant a more polished, professional appearance. This is even more important for businesses that want to be seen as upscale or high-end.

Classic Feel

Linen has a classic, timeless feel that can make any restaurant seem more refined. This is the perfect way to give an older establishment a new lease on life or make a new restaurant seem more established.

How to Maintain High-Quality Linen

Purchasing professional-grade restaurant linen is one thing. Taking care of it is another, far more demanding and expensive task. Depending on the fabric and weave, there might be specific care requirements.

Difficulties of Maintaining HIgh-Quality Linen

High-quality table linen is a significant investment not for the initial purchase, but for what comes after. Caring for high-quality linen can be expensive, difficult, and time-consuming. Here's what makes it so problematic:

Water, Power, and Machines

The costs of utilities, machines, and their infrastructure are substantial and add up quickly. The volume of table linen needed even for small restaurants can overload traditional machines designed for home use.

Chemicals and Solutions

Professional-grade table linen often requires the use of powerful detergents and other solutions to keep it looking its best. These can be costly, and some require knowledge and experience to use correctly.


Properly taking care of high-quality table linen demands considerable training, skill, and familiarity. It involves understanding how the machines work, how the linen responds to certain treatments, and doing everything in an efficient manner to meet deadlines.

Machine Breakdowns and Maintenance

Even with modest use, machines will break down. When this happens with high-volume washers and dryers, it can put a significant strain on the business. The cost of repairs and replacements can be substantial and takes time to complete, during which you can't do laundry.

A Better Solution for Acquiring and Maintaining High-Quality Restaurant Table Linen

Ensure always clean and spotless restaurant table linen with a reputable linen service provider. Renting tablecloths and napkins from an established, proven, local provider like Metropolitan Linen is the best way to acquire them. We provide high-quality fabrics and our team of experts keeps the linen clean and soft. We'll deliver however many you need on regular basis, and pick up used linen for processing.

Contact Metropolitan Linen Service for High-Quality Table Linen Service

Don't take chances with high-quality table linen. Rely on the experts at Metropolitan Linen Service for all your restaurant table linen needs. We provide top-notch quality, expert service, and flexible renting options to make sure you're always covered. Request a free service quote or call us at (617) 381-1156 for more information.

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