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Restaurant Tablecloths

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For restaurant tablecloths that enhance a restaurant's theme or color scheme with soft elegance, Metropolitan Uniform & Linen is ready! We provide professional tablecloths to restaurants throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Maine. With over 30 years of experience and consistent customer satisfaction, we're an ideal source for restaurant tablecloths.

Why Metropolitan Uniform & Linen is the Go-To Restaurant Tablecloth Provider

If you manage a restaurant or hospitality business in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, or Maine, Metropolitan is more than ready to help. Here's why we are an ideal partner:

Industry Experience

High-Quality Materials

When customers sit at one of your tables, they feel excited for the food to come. If the tablecloth has wrinkles, stains, or noticeable wear-and-tear, that excitement can dampen. After all, if a restaurant cares so little for the customer's impression they'll place any tablecloth down, what does that suggest about the food?


Metropolitan acknowledges the importance of appearance and first impressions in the restaurant industry and provides tablecloths that rise to that expectation.

Not all restaurant tablecloths are created equal. Some use cheaper materials that wear out quickly or don't launder well. Even if they're properly cared for, tablecloths made of lesser materials or that are poorly constructed don't stand the test of time and use.


Metropolitan's restaurant tablecloths are made of high-quality polyester and cotton-polyester blends. This ensures that they withstand constant use and laundering without losing their shape or color.

Expert Servicing

Customer Support

When you partner with Metropolitan, you're not just getting restaurant tablecloths. You're also getting the expertise that comes with over 30 years in the business.


Our team will work with you to help choose the right restaurant tablecloth for your needs. We'll also provide laundering services to keep your tablecloths in top form.

At Metropolitan, we see our customers beyond the transaction. We see them as purveyors of an excellent dining experience, and ourselves as an integral part of that.


That's why we're always available to answer any questions that may arise throughout service or quickly correct any mistake or oversight.

Contact Metropolitan Uniform & Linen for Professional Restaurant Tablecloths

For restaurant tablecloths that enhance your establishment's appearance and provide diners with a positive first impression, look no further than Metropolitan Uniform & Linen. We're ready to serve you with over 30 years of experience, high-quality materials, and expert servicing.

Reach out to us today for more information! Call us at (617) 381-1156 or contact us here and a representative will be in touch shortly!

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